My Mom

I’m thankful for my mom. She is great because she give me a new life. My mom always helps me when I need help. Mom is great cause she takes care and gives me stuff that I need.

My mom always helps me when I need help.  She helps me to make right chooses in life. Mom always help with my work. Mom helps me by telling what I should do to be good.

How I feel about remote learning.

I feel that remote learning is hard. I think it’s hard because it’s hard for teachers to explain the work.  It’s hard for some people to share their screen with the teacher when they need help. We can’t see our friend and talk to them.


It is hard for teacher to explain the work. Most of the work you will need paper. Sometimes people can’t here the teacher talking.  Some people have bad internet so their computer will not work.


It’s hard for some kids to share their screen when they need help. Some kids don’t know how to share the screen.  It’s easy to do it at school then it is at home.  For some student’s it is easy to show in person.


We can not see our friend and talk to them. The teacher can’t see what the kids are doing or if they are there. We can’t ask our friends question’s. We can’t see what they are doing.


That’s why I think remote learning is hard. It’s hard cause teacher can’t answer all your questions, some kids can’t share the screen when they need help, and you can’t see your friends and talk to them. I hope they can remove remote learning.

My job

I hope to be solar installer. You need to be responsible.  I will have skills and education.  The job outlook is positive.

This are your job responsibilities. You work mostly outdoors. You will set up and maintain solar panels. You will work on specializing work connecting PV.

Need skills and education. You will need High School diploma. You need to be receive on-the-job training lasting up to 1 year. You can find it in community college or technical school.

Your job outlook. You will make $42,680. This job will grow. I like to work outside.

I dream of being a solar installer. I will work outside, get High School diploma, and make $42,680.

I wish you will good luck on your job .

How Katniss and Tessie are defferent

Katniss and Tessie have some similarities, but they also have differences. Neither Katniss nor Tessie wanted to be in the lottery. However, Katniss wanted to protect her sister but Tessie wanted her darter to be in the lottery. Also, Tessie argue a lot and Katniss fought for her self.

Tessie and Katniss both lived in dystopia. They both have government that told them what to do. There always have someone ho will die. They both got lottery.

Tessie did not care about the lottery but Katniss cared about about the lottery.

Tessie did not care until her family got picked. Katniss said that she was feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping it’s not me, that it’s mot me, that it’s not me.

Tessie said don’t kill me, kill my darter. Katniss said that she will go instead of her sister. Tessie and Katniss had same similar, but have some different’s, too. They both lived in a dystopia, but Katniss headed the lottery  and try to protected her family. Tessie did not care.

This are some ways Katniss and Tessie are different and similar.




I think that we should name a school after Cesar Chavez. He fought against the unfair trainmen to grape workers. He made his own organization for all immigrants have right to vote. He help workers to get better work condition.

He fought against the unfair trainmen to grape workers.



How the world will end.

The world will end by a nuclear bomb. This is how it end. Some country will be so mad and bomb as. It will be a war and a plane will haw a nuclear bomb inside of it.  It might end by president  getting mad on other country and bomb them. Or maybe the scientists will do mess with the bomb and it will explode. It will look muddy because there is lot of mud under the ground. It will end in 3000’s.

My three thing I want to Change

In the New Year I want to change three things about my live. First thing I want to do is to learn how to cook. Second thing is I want to gain weight. Third thing is to go outside more.


I’m going to learn how to cook. I want to learn from someone who knows haw to cook. I want to cook step by step. I want to make borscht.


I’m going to gain weight. I’m going to eat more food. I’m going to eat more burgers. I’m going to ear more ice cream.

Give Thanks

There are funny

I see the love in there hearts

I love the way they help me

I am thankful for my family.

I feel it is hard

I wonder why we live

I try make my life easier

I can make it fun

I am thankful for my life.

I know the world is beautiful

I understand why is it round

I’m fortunate because we live and love the world

I dream about me flying around the world

I am thankful for the world.


Summary of the lottery

Based on the words and actions of Mr. Summers in Shirley Jackson´s story The lottery i think he is upset about the lottery.

¨ Well, now¨ Mr. Summers says soberly ¨ guess we better get started, get this over with, so´s we can go back to work¨.

This tell´s me that Mr. Summers does not want to do the lottery.

Mr. Summers is a good man. He doe the lottery in a fair way but he want´s to get over with the lottery. He does not likes the lottery.


This is about world peace

I would like world peace. I don`t want wars. I want no countries. Eliminate the possession.

Having wars is not OK.  If we had wars people would die. To much people die in wars. There going to be no people in this world.

It takes so long to get to one country. We use airplanes. It takes day and night to get to another country. Some people don`t like flying in a plan.

We should  eliminate possessions. People want to be along. Some people don`t like to share.  Some people want to by them self.